Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Different Perspective

Have you ever looked outside and felt that the weather reflects your mood? I have. It's really an interesting thing, how our mindset seems to reflect on the world around us. And it's completely true. We see the world differently depending on how we're feeling any particular day. People seem ruder or nicer depending on whether we are discouraged or happy. But that's only our perception. The people don't change; only the way we see them does.

It seems odd, but I know from personal experience that it's true. So, if the world seems to be against you, it means you're not feeling too good about yourself or you're focusing too much on what's wrong with your life. I'm sure most of you would like that to change. So, you change your outlook. Because "the world we look out upon only reflects the world we nurture within."

Now the big question is, how can you do that? It seems hard, especially if you may not realize it's a problem at first. You can start by realizing that whatever negative emotion you're feeling is only temporary and doesn't have to last forever. It's only a passing moment. To counter it, you can then try looking for the things that are going right. Count your blessings instead of what you lack or what keeps going wrong. And after doing that, there's one thing that is a cure-all for any kind of blues. At first it may seem contradictory, and for sure it is contrary to human nature, but I've learned through experience that it works! That cure-all is simply this: unselfishness. Service. And at the root of it all is charity.

I'm currently working on developing charity for those around me, and so the next few posts you see will be explanations of charity and experiences I've had. So keep an eye out for upcoming posts!

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