Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Transfers: A New Beginning

Every 6 weeks, we missionaries have something called transfers. It means you either move to a completely new area to work among a different group of God's children, or you stay in the same place and try to be better than you were before. There's also the chance you get put with a completely new person you may become best friends with or take the entire next 6 weeks learning to tolerate them. All told, transfers are a time of new beginnings. And it's up to you to make the best of it.

This time around, I'm the one moving, to a new area I've never been in before and with a companion I only just barely met three days ago by something I no longer believe is a coincidence. Also, I change my status from junior companion to senior companion, which means I'll be the one in charge...something that could be good or very, very bad. Hopefully it will be the first one.

As transfers approach I've been thinking what things I will change and how I will become an even better missionary over the course of the next six weeks. Especially since I'll be senior companion, I will have to be an example and someone she can look up to and learn from. I've set a few goals, but the most important is learn to rely even more fully on my Savior. Because I'm not sure how well I can do this alone. But I know with His help, so long as I trust in Him, I can do anything.

Follow-up Pending :)

Tender Mercy: I had my last lesson with an investigator in this area last night, and I was given the privilege to see him receive his answer to whether the things we were teaching were true. It was such a tender moment, and I know that, not just because he needed an answer, but because my Heavenly Father knew I was worried about him, especially after he brought up his doubt about the need to be baptized a second time (he was baptized as a child in the Catholic Church). So, my Heavenly Father gave me the privilege to see this man realize the love of his Heavenly Father and the truth of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

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